General Meeting

Speaker: Andy Duffie ’78

Andy is a Century Tree Representative. The Century Tree is one of the most visible and well-known landmarks on the Texas A&M, where hundreds or perhaps even thousands of Aggies have gotten engaged under its boughs. Andy created the Century Tree Project, which has funded several endowments at Texas A&M.

We will announce the 2019-20 Potential Board Slate.

General Meeting

Speaker: Traditions Council Representative

A representative from the Texas A&M Traditions Council will speak about the history and practice of A&M’s beloved traditions.  They will also tell us about their Traditions Week, which is held on campus in the spring each year.

General Meeting

School is in session and it’s time to plan our new year!  Meet the 2018-19 Board, turn in your Membership Forms,buy some Aggie Mom merchandise, and get to know  each other at our first meeting.  Bring a friend that might want to join!

Guest Speaker: Don Prather is a retired counselor, scheduled to speak about adjusting to college life and “empty nest.”  Materials from Texas A&M’s Student Counseling Services will be available.


September Meeting / By-Laws Revised

Thank you so much to Don Prather and his wife for joining our meeting and giving us some great information on signs of suicide and also helping us deal with empty nest.  In case you missed the meeting, here are the handouts:

To learn more about the Counseling Services at College Station visit SCS and to learn more about services in Galveston visit CARE.

At our September meeting, we approved our updated Club Bylaws.  Read through the BAM Meeting Minutes Sept 11, 2018 for other information discussed. If you have any questions about the By-Laws or information from the meeting, please email us at

Haven’t joined yet?  No worries, there is still time to join the fun and become a Beaumont Aggie Mom.  Just fill out our  Membership Form  and send it in!

You can see more of our upcoming events here.